Historic Past

The site of what is now Bethany has had a significant place in the history of Oklahoma. At different times, it has been claimed by France and Spain. The certainty that it was a part of the United States was not established until sixteen years after the famous Louisiana Purchase. This came in 1819 when this nation ratified what was popularly known as the Florida Purchase Treaty.

By this time, our government was searching for an area in the west to which it hoped to move the Five Civilized Tribes. In their original grant, the Creeks received all of the land west of the Cherokees between the Canadian River on the south and the Cherokee Outlet on the north. Council Grove, which includes the site of Bethany, remained a part of the land owned by the Creeks until after the American Civil War. Because too many individual Indians of the five Civilized Tribes cooperated with the Confederate States in that war, the United States saw an opportunity to reduce their holdings and provide lands for Indians who were unwanted in Kansas. In 1866, by treaties with the Creeks and Seminoles, our government obtained all of the holdings of these two tribes west of the Ninety-Seventh Meridian. But the eastern portion of this was not assigned to any tribe and thereby acquired the name of Bethany.

Bright Future

Bethany residents are generally drawn to the "small town" feel that the city embodies, but they also enjoy all of the "big city" amenities that the surrounding metro offers. We want to honor our amazing past, while also looking forward to an equally amazing future. Exciting things are happening in Bethany and we would love for you to be a part of it!