Citizen Advisory Boards

I am happy to share with you that City Council recently approved several initiatives to assist in developing or achieving our community goals, as defined in our Bethany Comprehensive Plan 2030, and also to garner more public involvement in our community.  To that end, we are now forming all of the following boards:

  • Parks, Recreation & Trees Advisory Board
  • Cemetery Improvement Task Force
  • Arts & Culture Advisory Board                      
  • Vision 2030 Branding & Logo Task Force

Do you have a background in or a passion for parks, arbor, or recreation?   Then perhaps our new Parks, Recreation & Trees Advisory Board (PR&TAB) is for you!  I anticipate working closely with this new seven-person board to make recommendations for improvements to our public spaces, including parks, walking trails, recreation, fountains/splash areas, etc., as well as our arbor canopy. I anticipate some excursions to view our and other facilities around the community, as well as tapping into expert guidance.

Perhaps there might be others that have a background in or have the same kind of passion for Arts and Culture?  We are also looking for seven folks that will form our new Arts & Culture Advisory Board.  This has all the makings of an exciting initiative, manned by a group that can help us formulate a vision for public art in the future that will reflect and promote the “brand” that we want the world to think of when they think of Bethany.  It could be reflective of the past or envision the future… or perhaps a little bit of both!

Speaking of our “branding,” I suspect we have many creative “idea people” in our community that could help us with our initiative to create that “brand” for our community. What do we wish the world to see and think about when they think of Bethany? This new Vision 2030 Branding & Logo Task Force will be charged with helping define this new community “brand,” that can then be reflected and incorporated by a new logo, new community art (see above), city signs, etc.  Perhaps one day, businesses may even wish or choose to pick up on this new brand to promote that they are a part of this rejuvenated Bethany.

Still, there may be others that have a passion for our community’s burial grounds. Our new Comprehensive Plan also identifies and calls for an upgrade to the appearance of our most hallowed property.  If you have an interest in this, would you kindly consider being a part of our new Cemetery Improvement Task Force?

We also have two well-established boards:

Permanent nine-member commission tasked with planning systematic development and betterment of the city as a place of residence or for business. Commission may consider and investigate any subject matter tending to the development of the city and make recommendations to the Council regarding surveys, maps and plans.

Board of Adjustment
Permanent five-member board tasked with hearing and deciding appeals if it is alleged there is error in any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official in the enforcement of any zoning regulation. Board shall also hear and decide special exceptions and variances relating to city ordinance requirements and oil and/or gas applications or appeals.

For additional information please call (405) 789-5005.

If you would like to complete an application for a position on one of the boards, please CLICK HERE.