Community Profile

Home to Southern Nazarene University, Southwestern Christian University and The Children's Center, Bethany Oklahoma offers the heart of a neighborhood and the vibrancy of being part of a dynamic metropolitan community. Bordered by the natural beauty of Lake Overholser and the bustling vitality of Oklahoma City, Bethany supports multiple retail opportunities. From the niche of its main street, known nationally as Historic Route 66, to key retail intersections that serve the whole of western OKC, Bethany creates an ideal space to plant business and watch it grow.
Summer Landscape
Community Snapshot
City Size: 5.2 sq miles
2015 Population: 19,748
Household Count: 7,639
Median Age: 35.2
Median HH Income: $42,644
Median Family Income: $54,913
Mean Family Income: $63,957
Per Capita Income: $21,070
Median Home Value: $119,188
Median Owner Cost (mortgage): $1,104 mo.
Percentage Housing Owner Occupied: 56.6%
Population Density: 3,897 ppl per sq mile 
Business Look
Major Employers: The Children's Center
                             Southern Nazarene University
                             Southwestern Christian University

Number of Businesses: 1,450
Total Retail Sales Potential: $116.2M
Total Retail Sales per Capita: $4.3M
City Sales Tax: 4%
State Sales Tax: 4.5%

2016 Building Permits: $33.5M
Typical Employee Commute: 19 minutes