Bethany Fire & Rescue

Fire Dept
Our vision is that the citizens of Bethany (our Customers) always receive the best service possible. 
The mission of Bethany Fire & Rescue is to provide the highest quality Fire, Emergency Medical and Rescue Services to our customers through proactive prevention practices, community education programs and, when necessary, rapid intervention. 
The members of Bethany Fire & Rescue will maintain a well trained, motivated cadre of individuals dedicated to a common mission, with each individual contributing their own unique talents and skills to ensure the safety of our community. 

Bethany Fire & Rescue will strive to operate in the most efficient and cost effective manner, while always maintaining the highest level of safety to our members and the customers we serve. 

Bethany Fire & Rescue will utilize a qualitative and quantitative methodology to guide and evaluate our actions to continually improve the service delivery to our customers.