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Due, in part, to the water conservation efforts of our citizens, the City’s water consumption levels have been reduced. We appreciate our citizen’s willingness to cooperate with the rationing measures put in place. 

At this time, the City of Bethany is able to move down to Stage 2 water rationing. Stage 2 allows for 2 day per week watering, in the following schedule:


Odd House Number   Saturday & Wednesday

Even House Number  Sunday & Thursday

All other types (commercial, government, multifamily, etc)   Tuesday & Friday 

City staff are continuing to monitor daily usage rates and will reassess the rationing stage within a few days. If, at that time, it is determined safe to further reduce our rationing stage, another announcement will be made. 

Some water conservation tips:

We encourage citizens to adjust their watering times away from the hottest part of the day, and into the evening, overnight and early morning hours. This adjustment will help with evaporation amounts. 

Checking for leaks on toilets, sinks and other areas inside your home will also help with water usage levels. 

Please watch our social media and website for more water conservation tips.


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